Aurora, the first photovoltaic roller awning patented and developed thanks to the collaboration between KF Energy, a company that develops renewable energy sources, and Frama, a company that operates in the field of solar protection. Aurora is a veritable photovoltaic system with power ranging from 1 to 1.5 KW: the surface of the fabric is formed by amorphous silicon photovoltaic modules that are flexible, capable of providing energy and at the same time protection from solar radiation. Of the three existing models, the one measuring 520 × 230 cm has a capacity of 1KW and can be connected to the power grid, with the benefit of the incentives offered by Conto Energia. Closing as a regular awning, it allows installation in places that until now were unfathomable for regular panels due to space issues or aesthetics. The recycling construction business was quick to grasp the opportunity, particularly Officina dell’ambiente S.p.a, a company that with the slag from solid urban waste incineration produces a material for building. The process employed recycles almost 100% of slag and produces a secondary raw material to replace natural ones for the generation of cement. The products offered are of varying particle size and ranging from the replacement of clay aggregates for cement factories to products applicable to the manufacture of elements for brick masonry and asphalt production.