Teloneria Forlivese

Teloneria Forlì has been producing covers for Sports, Industry, Agriculture, Technostructures, Fairs and Events since 1980, in the current Forlì plant in a covered area of over 1,800 square meters.


Teloneria Forlivese was founded in 1980, as a family business, by Chiocciolini Giorgio, and has its first headquarters in Via Monda in Forlì. The initial activity consists of the production of tarpaulins for small trucks, the pride of the company and the pride of the customers. The increase in processing and the need for development convinced the owner in 1992, albeit reluctantly, to leave his first headquarters and move to the artisan area of San Martino in Strada in Via Gandhi, 16 in a covered area of 1800m2.


The new factory built with modern criteria and equipped with state-of-the-art systems, including a computerized cutting table and six new ultra-modern welding machines, give the company the strength, together with specialized personnel ready for any type of intervention, to always satisfy fully meet the needs of customers and embrace new realities such as: covers for large areas, for parties, for sporting events, for large water reservoirs, for military supplies, trucks with continuous growth throughout the national territory.